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LGBT community criticizes ‘Sex Change’ song

July 15, 2018

The sweetest summer festival has been injected with a dose of bitter following a performance in a calypso tent over the weekend.  

House of Soca performer, Billboard, ruffled the feathers of the local LGBT community with a song entitled ‘Sex Change’ which has prompted spokesperson, Ro-Ann Mohammed, to release a statement denouncing the song.  

The “problematic song”, according to Mohammed, is a deliberate effort to smear the lifestyles of LGBT people, particularly transgender people.  

Evangelical Christians ‘disgusted’ with LGBT moves

November 12, 2019

This position appears to have the backing of dozens of citizens who supported a mass meeting at Bay Street on Sunday night where they aired their disagreement and disgust with the local Lesbian Gay Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex (LGBTI) movement.

Any steps to remove the crime of buggery from the country’s Sexual Offences Act will be done at the detriment of the Mia Mottley administration, local religious leaders have warned.

Activist responds to story about Bajan lesbians who fled to Canada

December 19, 2019

Roann Mohammed, Director of SHE Barbados and Co-Director of Pride Barbados has responded to the Rainbow Road article in which a Barbadian lesbian couple detailed their harrowing tale of survival and their quest to get asylum in Canada.

In the online news story, it was reported that the couple, under the pseudonyms Jane and Patricia, spoke on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) radio show – The Doc Project about their experience living as lesbians on the island, including details of how they had their home firebombed. The couple also spoke on how they endured difficulties in Barbados, including sexual harassment by men at work, homophobic slurs and getting jumped.

Transphobic ‘Sex Change’ song causes controversy in Barbados

July 25, 2019

A song released by a popular Calypso artist in Barbados has drawn the ire of LGBTI groups for its transphobic lyrics.

Artist, Billboard, released their song ‘Sex Change’ this summer. The song denies the existence of trans people, while Billboard sings ‘you can’t change your sex’.

To make matters worse the event’s Emcee, dragged a local lesbian into an ugly debate over the song when she criticized Billboard after he performed the song at a local event.

Simply known as Shelly, the woman called out Billboard’s transphobia. Then when the Emcee of the event, Yolanda Holder, heard Shelly she shouted lesbophobic slurs at her.

Holder eventually apologized to Shelly.

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