Mission Statement

SHE – Sexuality, Health & Empowerment is a feminist community-based group dedicated to advocacy for Lesbian, Bisexual, Queer women and Trans (LBQT) people in Barbados. These populations face particular persecution and discrimination on the basis of their sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression (SOGIE), in addition to gendered oppression, yet remain underrepresented in advocacy and resource allocation. In its intersectional movement building, SHE aims to address these specific issues through visibility, the facilitation of safe spaces, education, research and fostering LBQT representation in advocacy.


An equitable Barbados where LBQT people in their multidimensional realities feel seen, heard, represented and as if their safety, well being and existences matter.


  • Promote increased visibility of LBQT marginalization within feminist and LGBTQI advocacy in Barbados 
  • Facilitating visibility of the particular intersectional marginalization that LBQT people face
  • Foster community building among LBQT populations in Barbados
  • Facilitate education  focused on the sexual and reproductive health and rights of LBQT people 
  • Promote increased dialogue and awareness of the needs of LBQT people in healthcare
  • Collect data and evidence on the experiences and priorities of LBQT people within Barbados 
  • Promoting equitable of access to public services for LBQT people


  • Campaigning through digital and traditional media
  • Facilitation of safe spaces for LBQT populations
  • Collaboration with intersecting interest groups and civil society organizations
  • Active participation in projects, forums and spaces in which LBQT people are underrepresented 
  • Conducting research and collecting data on the experiences of LBQT people
  • Conducting needs assessments of LBQT populations in Barbados
  • Fostering dialogue with stakeholders and public service providers on the particular marginalization of LBQT people
  • Facilitation of forums for LBQT people on navigating issues which affect them most (accessing resources, healthcare, SRHR, employment, homelessness, violence)


  • LBQ Women and Trans Men Needs Assessment in the Caribbean – Research Project spanning 8 Caribbean territories collecting data on the experiences of these communities with discrimination, violence, health, and access to resources (ongoing)
  • Mapping Faith-based Efforts to combat discrimination based on SOGI in the Caribbean – Project by Arcus Foundation: SHE led focus groups to gather input from local LGBTQ community leaders (May 2020)
  • “LGBTQ Is Not A Blood Type”: Advocacy and Policy project to address discrimination in blood donation in Barbados (ongoing)
  • Equality and Justice Alliance Project: Producing the Mental Health Matter Series under this project (ongoing)
  • Know Your Rights – Leading Barbados participation of regional media campaign (ongoing)
  • Events: on rolling basis – usually shared to our social media ; focus on recreation, SRHR, facilitating safe spaces for LBQT people, education


Who We Are

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