Commemorating Womxn’s History Month

This International Womxn’s Month, we celebrate and acknowledge the amazing womxn who have been working to create change for our community✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽

In this commemoration, we think specifically about the ways in which lesbian, bisexual, queer, trans and nonbinary womxn are particularly marginalised yet invisible in some feminist spaces. We hold this space to honour this work and celebrate the people moving it forward. Here are some badass womxn who have been walking the walk and doing the work that it takes for regional progress 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

  1. Dadrina Emmanuel is a Barbadian trans activist who has been working to create safe spaces and access to critical resources for decades. Her work has been essential in the movement for equality and for the progress that we have made today. She is the Director of CEED Barbados which provides holistic support to vulnerable populations in Barbados. Dadrina was also the first openly transgender woman to graduate from UWI Cave Hill🇧🇧
  2. Didi Winston is a iconic Barbadian trans activist and award winning performance artist who has been instrumental in the LGBTQ movement for equality. Her visibility, passion and advocacy have been a key element in achieving the progress that we have over the past years, as a society🇧🇧
  3. Kenita Placide is a St Lucian Human Rights activist and the Executive Director of the Eastern Caribbean Alliance for Diversity and Equality. The regional body facilitates a critical advocacy body which connects LGBTQ and feminist movements and avenues to access the resources that our communities need to survive and thrive!
  4. Maria Fontenelle is a St Lucian activist and communications specialist, as well as, Communications and Programme Director at the Eastern Caribbean Alliance for Diversity and Equality. Maria has been involved in human rights activism for years and uses her capacity to build narratives and tell compelling stories to bolster the advocacy skills of organisations across the region. Her work with ECADE facilitates necessary connection among regional community. She also coordinates the annual Caribbean Women and Sexual Diversity Conference which is critical to building LBQT and feminist movements across the Region. 
  5. Dr Nastassia Rambarran is a Guyanese medical doctor, activist and researcher based in Barbados. She has been instrumental to connecting LGBTQ people in Barbados with free access to the critical medical resources that they need to survive; in a safe and private space. Nastassia has been involved with SHE Barbados since our inception and has been instrumental in implementing our projects, research and community outreach. She continues to leverage her access as a physician to advocate for our community and we couldn’t be more lucky to have her with us!
  6. Dr Rashida Daisley is a Barbadian physician and Clinical Director at the Barbados Family Planning Association. Rashida is one of the doctors at the SHE Barbados clinic which provides free access to critical medical, as well as, sexual and reproductive health services to our community. Dr Daisley’s allyship and partnership with our organisation allows us to meet the needs of community members who otherwise face barriers to accessing these necessary resources. Like many other frontline workers, Dr Daisley has been fighting tirelessly in the battle against COVID-19 and we are immensely grateful for her work!
  7. Raven Gill is a Barbadian human rights activist and a prominent voice for trans visibility, justice and equality. Raven is the founder and Director of Butterfly Barbados, which is the first and only organisation solely dedicated to activism for the liberation and equity of trans people on the island. Raven has significantly contributed to the visibility of trans activism in Barbados and bringing often invisiblised trans issues to the forefront. In addition to necessary visibility and advocacy, Butterfly Barbados has facilitated trainings to public service providers with a focus on mental health and well-being.
  8. Ro-Ann Mohammed is a Trinidadian, Barbados-based queer feminist activist. She is the founder and Director of SHE Barbados and a a Director of Pride Barbados. In 2018, Ro-Ann coordinated Barbados’ first LGBTQ Pride parade and the following parade in 2019. She is committed to providing access to critical resources for the community and visualising the issues faced by LBQT people through advocacy, research and movement building.
  9. Vic Garnes is a Barbadian media artist and the Program Officer at SHE Barabdos. Vic coordinates our free clinic, which provides essential access to medical and sexual and reproductive health services to LBQT people in Barbados. Vic works as a community liaison and coordinates access to emergency response for survivors in our community. During the pandemic, Vic has also been working with us to provide access to care packages for community members who are disenfranchised. Vic also uses their capacity in media to produce advocacy and visibility materials which increase awareness around the particular issues that our community faces. 

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